Foods that make child's brain sharp- says Harvard nutritionist

As per case studies, food plays a major role in promoting brains health

From maintaining motor skills to maintaining language speaking

AS per nutritionist, Omega-3, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, and Vitamin 12 supports brain health

Processed foods like Burger, Pizza and added sugar drinks must be avoided

What are the Foods that promotes brain health?

 No 5- Smoothies

Add fruits, and nuts along with chia seeds and enjoy tasty drink

No. 4-Vegetable fries

Add no of veggies over the pan, For taste add pepper, oregano and salt

No. 3- Salmon fish

It has Vitamin B 12, Omega-3, and iron that promote health

No.2 - Eggs

These are rich in Vitamins, and Choline that improves memory

 No. 1- Hummus

rich in Iron, Zinc, and Protein and is imp in brain development