1. "We're rolling out call links on WhatsApp starting this week," Mark said.

Credits: TechNave 

2.  Call links will make sharing easier and invite more people to group video calls.

Credits: WhatsApp

3. .It allows you to share a WhatsApp video call link to to multiple whatsApp contacts.

Credits: TechYorker 

4. Currently, 8 participants can be active on a video call at one time. Testing group video calls for up to 32 people has began.

Credits: Neowin 

5. How to use Call Link ? – Go to the Calls tab on the main screen. – You can see Create call link right at the top. – Tap it to generate a link. – Share link with others.


Credits: WhatsApp

6. Couldn’t find it? – the feature may not have arrived on your device. – You'll need the latest version of the app on your phone. – Check if an update is available.

Credits: The News Minute